Global Virtual Cave Meditation

A FREE month-long meditation event
December 1 – 31, 2018

The Intention:
“Sharing our love for the Sacred”


You are invited to join the 7th Global Virtual Cave Meditation, scheduled to take place during the month of December 2018.

This global event comes alive through your active participation and is open to anyone who would like to share their love for the Sacred.

For 744-hours, 24/7, somewhere in the world there will always be someone meditating.

Our collective and global connection will enable us to create a virtual sacred space, like a ‘Temple’. Throughout the month, we will connect to the Earth and receive the Light with the most profound love in our hearts.

Thomas Hübl will support the Global Virtual Cave Meditation energetically.

How to Participate

You do not need a ticket and the event is FREE to join. Fill out the form found on this page and we will send you the link to a calendar page where you can choose the meditation times you want to sign up for.

How to Meditate

Recommendations about how to meditate will be shared with you after you sign up.

Join the Global Virtual Cave Meditation Community on Facebook

Once you join, you’ll be given access to a Facebook group where you can be in communication with the other participants. You can also bring in your experiences, insights and questions.

About the Cave Meditation

The idea of the ‘cave’ meditation was born several years ago, during a core group week with Thomas Hübl in Oberlethe, Germany. We had the intention of intensifying our meditation experience together and as a group decided to meditate 24 hours a day for a week. To manage this task, a structure emerged where two people, sitting and meditating for an hour, would remain in this experience until another group member took over, continuing and holding the meditation.

After just a couple of days we were so synchronized that many of us developed this inner feeling as to when it was our turn to go meditate during the night – and woke up on time. Meditating in this way made it possible for many of us to deeply experience what it means to do our part and offer a space for the Sacred, on both an individual level and a collective group level. We created a consciousness for an awake state, for a defined period of time, day or night. This awake state expanded more and more, in the consciousness space between us, in the physical space and the place where we were practicing this particular kind of meditation.

This is how the cave meditation came to be and the practice has been kept alive throughout many events like the Timeless Wisdom Trainings, Celebrate Life Festivals, and other practice groups. And now for the seventh iteration of the Global Virtual Cave Meditation!

My vision is to practice this cave meditation with people from every continent for a whole year.

Susanne Ahlendorf
Senior Student of Thomas Hübl 

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