AIS Graduate Program

“The new AIS graduate program in collaboration with professors from six Universities is an amazing new offering that will foster the dialogue, fertilisation and research of the inner (contemplative) sciences and the outer academic sciences together. It is an exciting step because both are based upon serious, grounded and well-established practice and methods, and both have in their deepest core the wish to illuminate the foundations of life, the universe and human experience. Therefore I think we are entering exciting new territory and I hope that the fruits of this collaboration will serve humanity and life for a long time.”
- Thomas Hübl

Founder, Academy of Inner Science



The AIS GRADUATE PROGRAM bridges the gap between inner and outer sciences. Our approach is to overcome the gap through mutual respect, dialogue between inner and outer science, and development of a common language.

For this purpose we need to be rooted in both, inner and outer science, and eager to acquire and to embody more knowledge by studying and practicing both fields. Our hypothesis is that from this dialogue and interplay of inner and outer science an innovative contribution to the world will emerge.

Inner Science is understood as study and practice of—and research into—mystical principles.



  • promotes research combining the study of inner science with the knowledge of the outer science;
  • is a multidisciplinary host for PhD-candidates whose scientific questions are inspired by studies of inner science;
  • provides supervision for PhD-candidates on both scientific/discipline-specific and personal/spiritual levels.


The AIS GRADUATE PROGRAM is an inter-university graduate program under the umbrella of the Academy of Inner Science. The PhD students of the AIS Graduate Program come together with their peers, members of the academic board and the program director to deepen their scientific/discipline-specific and personal/spiritual development and to be inspired through collaboration.

The PhD students of the AIS Graduate Program are enrolled as PhD students at one of our cooperating academic institutions and hereby admit the rules of these academic institutions. Only the cooperating universities have the right to award doctorates. Enrollment and admission of the PhD students, acceptance of the dissertation, and the doctoral examination procedure is incumbent on the academic institutions.

The distinct doctoral degree regulations of the academic institutions are valid without any restriction.

The AIS Graduate Program obligates students to follow the rules of good scientific practice.

Our Approach

The AIS Graduate Program is open for application by graduates who fulfill the academic requirements of the cooperating academic institutions. It addresses in particular applicants who are seeking to (re)unite their spiritual and professional growth.

The program is open to applicants who have graduated recently as well as to professionals with an established career who are looking for an integral supervision on their path towards a doctorate.The AIS Graduate Program supports PhD students in bridging their career and their calling, in transforming what they do for a living to that which gives them the deepest meaning and purpose in their life. The PhD students are supported in contributing more authentically and more fully in the world.

Organization and Faculty

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is responsible for management of all procedures at the AIS GRADUATE PROGRAM.

Program director: Thomas Hübl (AIS)
Managing director: Kazuma Matoba (IfGIC)

Academic Board
The Academic Board consists of academic supervisors who guide PhD candidates in her/his university study. The Academic Board selects applicants and proposes them as PhD candidates to the Board of Directors.

The following professors cooperate with the Academy of Inner Science:

Areas of Research

The AIS GRADUATE Program covers these research areas: social science, education, psychology, communication science, culture study, management science, and engineering science.

We will also be including physics, biology, and medical science in the future.

As mentioned above, our vision is to bridge the gap between inner and outer science. Students are encouraged to propose their own research questions related to this vision.

Examples of possible research topics:

  • Nature of information (e.g. explicit and inherent content)
  • Perception and effect of Toning Meditations
  • Collective trauma and global conscious witnessing
  • Conflict transformation
  • Reconciliation as a process of transformative learning
  • Transmuting traumatic states
  • Rebuilding trust
  • Emotional development and intelligence
  • Role and impact of workplace spirituality
  • Business strategy and inner guidance
  • The management of innovation and inspiration
  • Organizational purpose as strategic orientation
  • Vocation and purpose in today’s business organization
  • Embodiment and virtual organization
  • Organizational development and machine learning
  • Mystical principles in leadership

The first generation of students of this graduate program and their research projects – more information

Admissions Process


Individuals applying for admission to the AIS GRADUATE PROGRAM must fulfill the academic prerequisites (e.g. Masters degree) and must have completed or be currently enrolled in “Timeless Wisdom Training” or “Pocket Project Training”.

The application periodevery time 

If you are interested in learning more about the program, please Contact Us for more information and for your application.

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