Toning Meditation

Thomas regularly leads “toning meditation” sessions, vocalizing specific sounds that focus inner coherence and attunement in a group setting.

Toning allows participants to drop into meditative states and gain a profound experience of space, presence, and connection. The sound fields that are created stimulate the potential for deep healing and can help us respond more authentically with love and clarity in daily life.

Tonings can be very powerful experiences, especially in larger groups, and participants describe them as a sacred fields of coherence.

Toning sessions typically begin with the creation of a sound field of humming, gradually reaching a crescendo of ritual toning. Through the sound vibration and through the coherence that is built through the sounds in the group, participants can find an inner connection to the subtle higher dimension, to their own life’s experiences, or to deeper creativity, insights, and innovation.

Thomas describes toning as both an individual and collective experience. The beautiful sound-space of toning is a collective composition orchestrated with each individual’s sound. As the individual harmonizes with others in the collective space, each unique sound remains vital and powerful, supporting the collectively shared conscious space that yields mindfulness and wakefulness.

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Toning creates a beautiful sound space; from each individual’s sound a collective composition is orchestrated. This means that individuality is expressed and a larger context emerges too.

- Thomas Hübl