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The Celebrate Life Festival 2020 is Cancelled Due to COVID-19

We are sad to announce that the Celebrate Life Festival will not be held in person this year.

Omega Institute, our host for the festival, has decided to remain closed through 2020 in order to protect the safety of its community and to comply with public health guidelines in New York state. We support their decision and we agree that travel and large gatherings are neither safe nor wise under the current circumstances. If you purchased a ticket to the Celebrate Life Festival, you will receive a full refund from Omega.

Skip Backus, CEO of Omega, writes: “The collective challenges we are facing as a human family are historic, but we don’t have to face this alone. Let’s draw upon each other’s wisdom and strength, as well as our own inner resources to find resilience and compassion. Although there is discomfort in the unknown, there is also tremendous opportunity for personal growth and creativity to arise.”

Our best wishes,
The Celebrate Life Festival Team



Past Celebrate Life Festivals

“Only those who are at home in themselves are ready for change.” Thomas Hübl

2019: Being at Home in a Changing World

The Celebrate Life Festival 2019 took place from 26 July to 4 August 2019 at Hof Oberlethe near Oldenburg, in Northern Germany.

For ten days, everything revolved around the experience and research of the complex term, Home, in its many facets. The title of the festival results from the German term “Heimat“, for whichwe have chosen “Home” in English. “Heimat” is difficult to translate into many languages, because it does not only contain the origin, but the whole attitude towards life.

At the Festival in 2019, Thomas Hübl and the guest speakers explored the question of how we humans, as cultural beings, continually recreate home in our consciousness in three modules. Then home is not a counter-trend to globalization, but the experience of a global understanding of home with a natural sense of responsibility for people, the earth and the pressing problems of our time.

Summary of the 2019 festival


Celebrate Life Festival 2018: Restoring a Fragmented World

In 2018, the first U.S.-based Celebrate Life Festival was held at Omega Institute in New York from August 12-17.

Whether attending alone, as a couple, or with family – people quickly experienced themselves as a part of a living, creative community. Participants were inspired by a variety of teachers and entered into lively exchanges. The program gave opportunities to develop entirely new perspectives and to experience expanded horizons. People were invited to learn more about their individual shadow, to transform limiting patterns, and become an active part of a new “Culture of We.”

Summary of the 2018 festival in New York.


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The healing and integration of trauma and fragmentation unleashes collective intelligence, the capacity to collaborate, the flow of information within the human system, and it also helps us to restore the global immune system.

- Thomas Hübl